Few consultants have such a comprehensive range of materials and tools ready for application.Cy Leise, Bellevue University

I am convinced that the concepts and models stressed at the teaching institutes can revolutionize education and help students become lifelong learners. You provide an invaluable service to the educational community.Peter Smith, St. Mary’s College

Pacific Crest’s practices and content are strongly aligned with, or ahead of, the best practices that are articulated in the literature.Don Elger, University of Idaho

If you want a force that can withstand the most difficult circumstances and come through with a quality product that is evidence-based and heart-driven, then Pacific Crest is the right choice. Blanche Brunk, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Each of the experiences with Pacific Crest has been challenging, cutting-edge, and transformative to the institution in some way.Mary Moore, University of Indianapolis

As a result of participation in Pacific Crest facilitated teaching institutes and workshops, the educational efforts of my entire department have improved tremendously.Vicky Minderhout, Seattle University

No one has more experience in the successful implementation of an inspired philosophy of education and growth. Col. Kip Nygren, US Military Academy at West Point

There is a strong commitment to meet the specific needs of a campus...Pacific Crest is concerned with identifying, understanding, and providing strategic advice about the unique organizational, political, and cultural features of a campus.Kelli Parmley, University of Northern Colorado

Pacific Crest and Dr. Apple have been the strongest change agent that I have had on campus for positive growth among faculty for the improvement of teaching and learning. Bill Bosch, Director, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, SUNY Oswego