Pacific Crest is the leader and preferred strategic partner of higher education institutions in building human and organizational capacity in learning, teaching, mentoring, designing instruction, measuring, and assessing.


Pacific Crest builds capacity and improves the quality of individual and institutional educational outcomes through transformational educational leadership, professional development, innovative tools and publications. Pacific Crest empowers its employees and associates, expands its resources, and provides value to its stakeholders.


Learning Culture Continuous acquisition and sharing of information, skills and understandings to both preserve and expand knowledge, to foster growth and to improve performance.

Respect Appreciation for value, potential, knowledge and unique capabilities and current limitations of individuals as well as their ability to improve future performance.

Open Communication Comprehensive and appropriate, transparent, positive and proactive sharing of ideas and suggestions to foster discussion and understanding.

Excellence Outstanding achievement based on continuous improvement in quality, processes and performance.

Integrity Adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Innovation Exploitation and creative adaptation of new ideas, tools, and strategies.

Scholarship Advancement of educational practices through the application of research findings, engagement in research, and its dissemination.