Other Workshops

In addition to various types of institutes (teaching, curriculum design, program assessment, etc.), Pacific Crest offers a wide variety of workshops which can be customized to meet the needs of your institution. Institutes vary in length from two to five days while the workshops mentioned here range from two hours to two days. Contact Pacific Crest with respect to specifics about a particular workshop.

Developing Studentís Learning Skills

Understanding the Learning Process

The Role of Critical Thinking in Learning

Improving Studentís Self-assessment Skills

Teaching Problem Solving (process and skills)

Teaching a Quality Reading Process

The Role of Information Processing in Learning

The Role of Language Development in Learning

Identifying the Process Learning Skills for an Activity

Developing Quality Curricula

Creating a Knowledge Map

Creating a Methodology for a Process

Designing Quality Performance Criteria

Building Quality Concept Models

Designing a Guided Discovery Activity

Identifying Learning Skills for an Activity

Peer Assessing the Quality of an Activity

Designing a Quality Course

Creating Measurable Outcomes

Designing a Course Assessment System

Designing a Course Evaluation System

Designing a Quality Syllabus

Effectively Utilizing a Learning Assessment Journal

Creating a Profile for Long-term Behaviors

How to Increase Levels of Knowledge

Peer Assessing the Quality of an Activity

Facilitating Institutional Change

Designing an Annual Review Process

Creating an Operational Plan

Learning to Do Action Research

Creating a Teacher Portfolio System

Facilitating an Educational Focus Group Session


Effectively Using Assessment Tools

Assessing Assessments with Quality

Effective Placement through Assessing

Annual Self-study and Assessment

(individual, department, and program levels)

Researching Student Assessment Feedback

Improving Students Self-assessment Skills

Becoming a Quality Teacher

Creating a Productive Learning Environment

Modeling a Process Classroom

Constructive Intervention Techniques

Understanding the Student Mentoring Process

Using a Teaching Assessment Journal

Designing an Effective Peer Coaching System

Designing an Effective Teaching/Learning Support Group

Designing a Facilitation Plan

Effectively Using Cooperative Learning