Continuous Development

A fundamental principle of Process Education™ is that every learner can learn to learn better, regardless of current level of achievement; one's potential is not limited by current ability. The aim is to move individuals along the continuum from Trained Individuals to Self-Growers. There is no endpoint to this journey; even Self-Growers can continually improve and develop their ability to learn.

Levels of Learner Performance

Trained Individuals

have developed a specific knowledge base, with specific skills for a specific context.

Learned Individuals

have acquired a broad base of general knowledge and can apply it to related contexts.

Lifelong Learners

have developed the skills and motivation to self-facilitate their ongoing learning and can apply it to a variety of contexts.

Enhanced Learners

have developed a higher level of performance skills and actively seek new knowledge and contexts for application in a constantly changing environment.


continually develop by using strong self-assessment skills to improve future performance. This highest level of learner performance denotes those who:

Seek to improve their own learning performance.

Create their own challenges.

Serve as a leader and mentor to others.

Take control of their own destiny — "there are no bounds."

Self-assess and self-mentor to facilitate their own growth.

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