Bookstore Ordering Options

For any order, please include the following information:

E-mail orders: Pacific Crest
MAIL orders: Pacific Crest

P.O. Box 370

Hampton, NH 03843-0370

Telephone/Fax orders: Customer service number:
between 8AM and 5PM CST.

Orders may be placed by Fax at:

SPECIAL NOTE: If you follow your phone or fax order with a written confirmation, mark the order "Confirmation of Telephone / FAX Order - DO NOT SHIP." This will avoid duplication of the order.


Must be reported within 60 days, with invoice information.

Returns Information

All credits issued by Pacific Crest for book returns are strictly merchandise credits. Pacific Crest does not provide cash refunds but rather applies credit toward the future purchase of its products and/or services.

Custom Publishing

  • Custom published books are defined as: (1) books published for one-time use in a specific course, or (2) books that will not be used again in subsequent semesters or terms.

  • A limit of 10% of an order (or the most recent order when there are multiple orders) for custom published books will be accepted for future merchandise credit.

  • Pacific Crest will notify the bookstore at the time an order is placed if it is ordering a custom published book.

All Other Book Orders

  • Pacific Crest offers a full (merchandise) credit refund if the returned books are:

(1) not damaged in any way; are in a condition so that they can be resold as new. Books that cannot be sold as new, this includes price stickers, will only receive 50% credit. Price stickers have been a problem in the past. We canít resell books with price stickers on them.

(2) returned within one year of the shipping date as indicated on the invoice.

  • Upon receiving the returned books, Pacific Crest will immediately issue a Credit Memo that will be e-mailed to the bookstore contact.

Should you need to contact Pacific Crest about returning books, we can be reached at 603-601-2246.