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Faculty Guidebook,

4th Edition

Beyerlein, Holmes, & Apple


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The Electronic Personal
Faculty e-Guidebook


Instructor's Guide
to Process-Oriented


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Student Learning

   Learning to Learn:
  Becoming a Self-Grower
 (1st Edition)

   Apple, Morgan, & Hintze


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Learning to Learn: Becoming a Self-Grower

We've been engaged in researching, practicing, and teaching the concept of Learning to Learn at our signature Learning to Learn Camps for more than 20 years, transforming learners with a powerful set of outcomes. With Learning to Learn: Becoming a Self-Grower, any educator can realize these outcomes. The curricula is tailored for a 1- or 2-credit course and has the potential to produce high-powered learners and self-growers.

The set of materials is self-contained and with the exception of a couple of readings found on the web, includes all readings and resources (tools, worksheets, forms, and reports) students need. A companion website is available at www.pcrest.com/L2L


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   From Angst to Empowerment
  Strategic Planning for Collegiate
  Academic Success (1st Edition)

   Giuliano and Sullivan


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From Angst to Empowerment:

Strategic Planning for Collegiate Academic Success

The journey from Angst to Empowerment is one that every college student experiences. Starting it usually a problem but finishing it can be. From Angst to Empowerment works because it gives student the information they need to see clearly not only where they are now, but HOW to move forward and achieve Empowerment and Academic Success. If you're interested in adopting From Angst to Empowerment or in placing an order for more than one copy, please contact us.

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   Student Success Toolbox


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The Student Success Toolbox is the definitive collection of tools that make increased success possible for any student. With the tools (forms, rubrics, methodologies, and profiles) to support improved performance through assessment, it will help students with organization, reading, writing, thinking, communicating and collaborating. The companion website contains additional tools such as rubrics and methodologies. We invite you to preview the book!

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Foundations of Learning (4th Edition, Revised)

Redfield & Lawrence

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This book is geared towards first-year or freshman experience courses, but serves equally well as an additional resource in any class where students would benefit from 'learning how to learn.' With its emphasis on transferable learning skills, students develop and improve skills such as reading, writing, problem-solving, using methodologies, planning, working in teams, prioritizing, and so forth—the critical and foundational skills that enable them to succeed not only in college but in life and society as well. With an innovative use of student profiles and storytelling, Foundations of Learning is a valuable resource in fostering student growth and student success.

IT Self-Assessment Learning Journal

Krumsieg & Miller


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Life Vision Portfolio



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Foundations of Chemistry (4ed)

Stony Brook Univ.

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Looking for an alternative to the traditional lab lecture format in general chemistry? Look no further than Dave Hanson's Foundations of Chemistry, an activities book for general chemistry. These 66 activities will actively engage your students in process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) and assist them in becoming better critical thinkers and problem-solvers. Foundations of Chemistry, 4th Edition, is also the most reasonably priced activity book for general chemistry on the market today. The POGIL Instructor's Guide is an excellent companion to Foundations of Chemistry!


Foundations of Chemistry (4ed)

CHEM 113, Section 03, Instr.  Margerum

Hanson 978-1-60263-504-3

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Includes: Activity 10-2, Chapters 12 through 19, Activity 20-2

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Solving Real Problems with Chemistry

(2nd Ed)

Eds: Goodwin, Hanson, Wolfskill


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To help your students appreciate how chemistry applies in the "real world" outside the classroom with activities and exercises that help students develop their problem-solving skills, Solving Real Problems with Chemistry, 2nd Edition is an absolute gem of an activities book. Its 23 activities expose students to practical applications of the principles of chemistry in a way that will catch and sustain their interest, challenging them to improve their performance in critical aspects of problem solving including asking key questions, performing calculations, modeling, and validating.

The goal of the Foundations of Organic Chemistry workbook is to present real world problems that can be solved using concepts and principles of organic chemistry. To increase student interest and meet the needs of students in multiple disciplines, the problems come from both the biological and physical sciences. The keys is that all problems can be solved using the learning objectives of a typical day of a one year organic chemistry course. Instructors will find that the book can be used in multiple teaching contexts -- as POGIL-based materials that cover the concepts of an organic chemistry course or to teach key problem solving skills through the context of organic chemistry.

Foundations of Organic Chemistry

(Volume 1, 1st Edition)



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Foundations of Organic Chemistry

(Volume 2, 1st Edition)



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Physical Organic Chemistry

Butler (140 pgs)

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Foundations of Smart Grid

Perfect for instructors or learners who are interested in a Process Education approach to Smart Grid. Learning Outcomes include:

Development of a systems perspective of SMART GRID and its technologies

Increased economic understanding and decision making around current and future SMART GRID technologies

Understanding of the role of policy and politics in the advancement of SMART GRID over time nationally, regionally, and locally

   Foundations of Smart Grid
  (1st Edition)




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Foundations of Algebra (textbook)

Foundations of Algebra was designed to provide a set of activities and experiences within a 3-credit course that guide a learner with some proficiency with math to a level of proficiency that includes the ability to rewrite an expression, solve an equation or system of equations, graph an equation in any two variables, and analyze or graph any function to describe its behavior. With  innovations such as What Do You Already Know?, Addressing Common Errors, The Hardest Problem (students create & solve, generalizing knowledge), Identify and Correct the Errors, and What I Learned about Learning Mathematics, this is the one book that will help you master not only algebra but learning math.

   Foundations of Algebra
  (1st Edition)

   Ellis, Teeguarden, Apple, & Hintze



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(Course Design)



Foundations of Algebra (workbook)

This activity book improves student self-reliance in developing their understanding of mathematical concepts and in mastering transference skills. The Reading Questions & Critical Thinking Questions components of each activity strengthen students' ability to apply their reasoning and sense-making skills. Demonstrate Your Understanding and Identify and Correct the Errors components allow them to develop their problem solving ability. Each activity allows students to reach the problem solving level of learning for the topic covered. The book is intended as a supplement to standard college developmental algebra textbooks.

   Foundations of Algebra
  (1st Edition)

   Ellis & Apple



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(Course Design)



Quantitative Reasoning & Problem Solving

This book supports a course that transforms the way students view mathematics, increasing the value of mathematics for them by showing them its relevance and value in different disciplines and throughout life. This course also increases the students’ efficacy in learning mathematics even as they work to build a problem-solving mindset. In addition, the higher levels of quantitative reasoning produced by this course provides strong support for other programs and disciplines requiring these skills and provides an institution the opportunity to document overall student advancement in quantitative reasoning.

   Quantitative Reasoning &

   Problem Solving
  (Pre-Market Edition)

 Ellis, Apple, Watts, Hintze, Teeguarden, Cappetta, & Burke



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Foundations of Mathematics,
3rd Edition



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Foundations of Mathematics,
3rd Edition (BINDER FORMAT)



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Foundations of Mathematics Activity Book
Pre-Market Edition


(Instructors have access to online keys)

978-1-60263-600-2     List price: $40 + $9 S&H

Math and Graphing Skills, Fourth Edition

Betty Lawrence, Kathleen Burke

Denna Hintze-Yates

92 pages

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Foundations of Biochemistry (4th)
Loertscher, Minderhout, & Frato

List price: $32 + $8 S&H


Selected Activities from

Foundations of Biochemistry (4th Ed)
Loertscher, Minderhout, & Frato

List price: $14 + $3 S&H

The 7 activities in this

book are from Foundations of Biochemistry & include updated versions of:

Amino Acids and the Primary Structure of Proteins, 3-D Structure of Proteins, Hemoglobin: Protein Structure and Function, Enzyme Kinetics, Enzyme Inhibition, Lipid Structure and Function, High Energy Compounds