Academic Recovery

Instead of sending out dismissal letters to students who have failed, we have a different idea:

Give these students the chance to prove not only that they want to stay in school, but that they have what it takes to succeed.

The Academic Recovery Course is an intensive 1-week course where students confront and own their failure, work through it, and actively demonstrate they have the will and grit to turn things around.

The college or university decides the standards for success... Our job is to equip these students with the skills to achieve that success.

As an administrator or educator, WHY would I offer a Recovery Course?

1Immediate Windfall

Gain financially through tuition from readmitted recovery course students who otherwise would not have enrolled.

2Increased Retention

The recovery course saves students who go on probation their first term and do not recover in their second term.

3Higher Graduation Rates

Recovery course students’ graduation rate and GPA are targeted to exceed the institutional norms.

4Empower Faculty

What we do in the recovery course is what all faculty can do to increase student success. We model what we can help them learn to do.

5Increased Enthusiasm

The success of the recovery course students excite faculty on the possibilities for increasing the success of all students.

6Better than FREE

The Pacific Crest charge for readmitted students is exceeded by the combination of the course tuition and/or fees along with the next term tuition leaving the institution with a surplus.

course details

A typical Recovery Course can accomodate between 25 and 75 students and offers 1 or 2 credits, with the school deciding whether to charge tuition or fees for the Course and whether or not it is residential.

measuring success

The school determines what level of performance constitutes success. Students present a success portfolio to the college’s readmission review committee during the last day of the Course.

learning to learn

While we all have the innate ability to learn how to survive and get by, learning how to succeed, especially academically, requires learning how to be a consistently better learner and how to improve as a learner...

It's Based on Our Learning to Learn Camps

Learning how to learn not only taught me how to become a better student, but it also taugyht me how to become a better person. I feel like a more mature person than I was before I attended this camp. I feel more adult. I feel that I have control over my life.

Pacific Crest's Learning to Learn Camps have been increasing student success since 1994. These camps change lives in a positive and often dramatic manner by challenging and inspiring students to develop the skills essential for success in college and beyond. Through a rigorous and diverse set of activities, students develop cognitive, social, affective, and academic skills that address prevalent risk factors. Mentors help students develop learner ownership, self-discipline, and self-efficacy. As a result of experiencing both successes and failures during the course of the week-long camp, students gain confidence in their ability to perform in areas such as writing, thinking critically, time management, creating a life vision, problem solving, adapting to change, coping, teamwork, and self-assessment.

The camp integrates two key processes: learning how to learn and mentoring. The learning community environment of a Learning to Learn Camp teaches students to build positive relationships, gain a sense of belonging, and improve their ability to perform successfully in the classroom — all factors critical to student retention. We invite you to learn more about our Learning to Learn Camps.

Recent News

Several Academic Recovery Courses have been held at colleges and universities so far this summer, with more yet to come. If you'd like to see how a Recovery Course works, in person, we'll do what we can to  arrange that. Just contact us.


Custom Solutions

We have a great deal of experience in customizing Learning to Learn Camps and have held Camps focusing on Algebra, Calculus, and Smart Grid, among others. We're happy to work with you to design a Recovery Course that meets your school's specific needs. Click to learn more.



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I really don’t want to look at what the outcome might have been if I hadn’t taken this course. This week has really done wonders for me.They gave me the tools I need to help me succeed in anything life has to offer.

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