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Defining Student Success

For some students, "success" is simply graduating from a two or four-year college. A college or university might have a very different view as to what constitutes a successful student. An inclusive definition of student success would include the following qualities: Student Retention and Program Completion, Increased Quality of Student Learning, Producing Capable People (not just Graduates), and Student Success = Institution Success. Below are some specific goals that make this achievement possible.

Student retention and program completion

Underprepared students are provided with a strong foundation. They emerge more ready than peers who have had no similar opportunity.

A high percentage of students persist to reach each milestone.

Students start school and stay there.

Many students transfer from community colleges to four-year colleges.

A high percentage of students graduate, and a high percentage graduate on time.

Increasing the quality of student learning

Student learning is rigorous and meaningful. Students meet high expectations and gain diverse work experiences as they learn.

Students gain transferable learning skills.

Students have well-developed life visions and learning plans.

Students can practice reflection and self-assessment effectively. They use these skills to promote their continued growth beyond school.

Students are lifelong learners. They want to learn on their own and they have the skills to do it.

Producing effective people, not just graduates

Students resemble the signature profile established by the institution.

Students engage in institutional activities.

A high number of graduates are placed in preferred jobs, professional schools, and graduate programs.

Students and graduates are strong contributors to society.

Graduates become professional leaders.

Graduates become international citizens who are competitive in the global marketplace.

Student success = Institutional success

The institutionís reputation increases. Colleges receive more applications and their enrollment increases.







Success is never final.

Failure is never fatal.

Courage is what counts.

Sir Winston Churchill